James and LaNelle George


This is actually the ministry that started it all... well, as far as GAP Missions is concerned ;-)

There is sometimes confusion in the seperation of GAP Missions AFRICA and GAP Missions Ministries (since both are sometimes reffered to as simply GAP Missions).

The ministry of GAP Africa has it's roots in the original field work of James & LaNelle George beginning back in 1989 serving in Ivory Coast as "Missionary Aviation Outreach". This ministry, now known as "GAP Missions AFRICA" has continued through many 'set-backs' ... through wars and political unrest and national turmoil in the West African country of Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire).

These veteran missionaries have seen churches grown out of 'the Bush' of the jungle areas of Ivory Coast and they have seen those young churches struggle and suffer when the wars came. This ministry continues to bare friut through the trials and through the years.

Please pray for the Georges and for the people of Ivory Coast, West Africa.


The ministry has a website where you can learn more about them and follow their ministry: